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Yoga for Women

This class is not running at the moment.

All women are welcome to come to Yoga for All on Monday evenings at 7-8pm or Thursdays 10.15-11.15am

St. George’s Church Hall, Goodrington, TQ4 6NG

Free car park


£7 per class drop in 

£30 for a 5 class pass


Please note, there is no yoga during school holiday 

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What will the class include?


All of my yoga classes are vinyasa krama yoga. You can read more about that here. But in basic terms, it means we will always connect with the yoga breath (ujjayi), move in synchrony with our breath, following logical sequences that gradually challenge and change your body. We will always do specific breathing practices (called pranayama) and we will always do meditation and relaxation too. The time spent on these components may vary week to week and dependent on your needs. 


After relaxation, we will finish the class by having a cup of tea and snack and time to talk or listen or just be together for a short while before we go about our busy lives.  You can contribute as much or as little as you like, or you do not have to stay for this if you would rather leave.


On special occasions, related to the seasons, solstices and wheel of the year I will offer a longer women’s circle where we will have more time together.  I will advertise these soon!  



Why is this class only for Women?  


Women need to practice yoga in a way that respects their female bodies.  From pre-menarche to post-menopause, we have experiences unique to women (menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, birth, miscarriages, abortions, womb losses, menopause…)


There are specific yoga practices for encouraging or avoiding conception, for practicing whilst pregnant and during labour, and for avoiding during menstruation or pregnancy… or for avoiding all together!


Yoga for women is about recognising and respecting the monthly and life cycles we experience and adapting our practice for these. 

More than that, it is about accessing and accepting our inner wisdom, and bringing us into a positive relationship with the nurturing and creative feminine energies of our wombs.


It is about reaching places of forgiveness, acceptance and love to create positive healing and expand consciousness.  In a women’s only space, women feel more able to open up to others.  


Physically, this class will help with mobility, flexibility, core strength, toning, activating and strengthening the pelvic floor, muscle endurance, encouraging full body movement.  It can help alleviate specific aches and pains.  It is easier to target women-specific needs in a women’s only class. 

Mentally, this class will help you to sleep better, be more calm and less anxious.  Doing yoga gives you an immediate feel good effect, and this grows over time as you connect your body and mind and rebalance your energy.  

Spiritually, this class can help you to find peace of mind. The ultimate aim of yoga is a blissful state of calm and enlightenment.  There are many aspects that we must practice to progress towards this state, but along the way, we can find bliss.  

“There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way” Thich Nhat Hanh


Emotionally & Socially, the women’s circle provides an opportunity to sit in an equal, safe, protected space with other women. A space where we can be honest, truthful and compassionate.  A space to support each other.  

“A Sister Circle is a safe space for women to get real, share our journeys, and cultivate self-love and authentic connection. In circle, we are all seen and heard for the deeper truth of who we are.”

Cost and booking

£7 or £30 for a 5 class pass, which can be used for any class in a 3 month period (excluding special celebration classes).

Pay in person at the class.


You can book a mat or a place (if you have your own mat) by contacting Norah on 07942 473390 or email  or via Facebook Norah Nelson Yoga Once you start, you will have the option to join a class WhatsApp or Messenger group where you can also book each week.

What to bring?

You can borrow a mat - please book with me.

Please bring a cushion and blanket for relaxation at the end.

Review from previous classes…

I never knew how much I needed time to myself until I came to this class”.  B, 32 weeks pregnant


“I feel invigorated. It’s like being reborn every class!”   S, age 74


“Norah is a very warm and welcoming teacher. She is very good at tailoring each class to the needs of the students. Norah also keeps things interesting by varying different aspects of the class from week to week. She creates a lovely balance of the physical movement with breathing and meditation. Norah is also very approachable and welcomes questions and feedback and offers good advice on how to modify each movement depending on your personal ability or limitations.  I highly recommend this yoga class, it has become a highlight of my week and I always leave feeling soothed, recharged and gently stretched”.  D, female student

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