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Norah Nelson

Who am I?

I am an Irish woman, living in South Devon with my husband and three young children.


I am a yoga teacher because I believe in the power of yoga to transform life.

No matter what age you are, yoga can help make life better!

You can be happier, more carefree, more balanced, calmer, less tired,

more mobile and painfree.

What Makes me Different?

I am not a franchise.  

I am an independent, sole trader - a local, small business.  

All of the yoga that I teach is vinyasa krama yoga (read more here).

This means that all of my classes and workshops will always be authentic yoga experiences.


They will always involve movement, breathing, meditation and relaxation.


Yoga should be adapted to the individual and take into consideration their stage of life,

their health and other relevant needs... so I offer classes tailored to different groups...


But they are all vinyasa krama yoga classes!


Postnatal and Mum and Baby Yoga Teacher, Island Ayurveda and Yoga, 2018

Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Diploma, Yoga Gro, 2016

Yoga Teacher (200 hour, vinyasa krama yoga), Harmony Yoga Academy, 2011.

Thai Yoga Massage, 2008.

PhD, Physical Activity for Health, 2007.

BSc, Sport & Exercise Science, 2002.

Massage Therapy, 2001.


Teaching Experience

I have over a decade of teaching experience in physical activity and health subjects, working mostly with adults in further and higher education settings.


Harmony Yoga Academy (2014 – present)

University of Derby (Massage, sports massage, sports rehabilitation, 2010-2013)

Strathclyde University (Physical therapy for health, health related fitness, 2007-2009)

Institute of Physical Therapy and Applied Science (Massage therapy, 2001-2007)

Yoga Influences

I have been interested in the body since I had successful physical therapy for back pain and this inspired me to study massage therapy.   My first yoga practice was a one off class in Thailand during a backpacking trip.  I will never forget the unexpected feeling of peace and calm I discovered; I came out feeling reconnected with myself.  Later I remembered this feeling when I was stressed, overworked, tired and low, and I sought out yoga again.  I tried a few classes and stuck with one when it felt right.  It was only years later that I discovered that my teacher had trained in the Krishnamacharya lineage. 

I became interested in teacher training while I was studying Thai Yoga Massage and considering a career change.  I read 'The Heart of Yoga: Developing a Personal Practice’ by T.K.V. Desikachar (son of Sri T. Krishnamacharya) and I became convinced that I wanted to train in this tradition.  I was lucky to find a teacher, Steve Brandon, who studied with many of Krishnamacharya’s long-standing students, (for example Srivatsa Ramaswami), and now runs teacher training programs and workshops through Harmony Yoga Academy.

I was drawn to Vinyasa Krama Yoga because it made sense.  It felt right in my body.  There was a gradual and gentle release of tension, development of flexibility and opening of the body and mind. It worked.  Later, I realised how the vinyasa krama method brought together the strands of knowledge I had gathered from my previous learning in sport and exercise science and remedial massage.  My previous learning gave me an understanding of the intelligence of vinyasa krama yoga from a physical perspective.  On this basis I now teach anatomy and physiology on the Harmony Yoga Academy Teacher Training Courses including elements such as applied anatomy of breath and movement. 

I wish to teach the vinyasa krama yoga system as faithfully as I can.  I believe that following the path of yoga can bring sustainable, optimal health and wellbeing across the lifespan. 

I am fascinated with the idea that vinyasa krama yoga allows anyone to start from where they are and make progress.  Using a holistic and adaptive approach is an essential component of how I teach – I really believe yoga is for everybody.

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