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Yoga for All

Weekly Class

at St. George's Church Hall, Goodrington, TQ4 6NG


Connect mind, body and breath


Feel balanced, calm and uplifted


Develop flexibility, strength and endurance across all body parts

£7 per class drop in rate 

£30 for 5 classes, use anytime within 3 months


  • Experience a classic yoga practice with dynamic and static asana, specific breathing exercises (pranayama) and finish with a short meditation and relaxation.

  • All movements follow a controlled slow breath so instead of feeling tired you will feel energized and re-invigorated.

  • Start from where you are! Anyone can take part and make progress.  

  • Call for advice regarding health concerns or come early to first class.

  • Free parking.

  • Mats available on request.


For more information, health concerns or to request a mat, contact Norah 

"Went to my first ever class on Thursday. Norah was very welcoming and took her time to explain everything. I felt very comfortable and really enjoyed it."  M.B, Beginner

Norah Nelson yoga meditation.jpg

"I've tried various yoga classes over the years but this is the only one I've stuck at. Norah is a very warm and welcoming teacher. She is very good at tailoring each class to the needs of the students. Norah also keeps things interesting by varying different aspects of the class from week to week. She creates a lovely balance of the physical movement with breathing and meditation. Norah is also very approachable and welcomes questions and feedback and offers good advice on how to modify each movement depending on your personal ability or limitations. There is also a diverse range of ages in the 'yoga for all,' class. I highly recommend this yoga class, it has become a highlight of my week and I always leave feeling soothed, recharged and gently stretched." D.R.

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