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Yoga for Birth


Would you like to prepare for labour and birth?

Would you like to try out practical coping strategies in advance?

Would you like to feel more confident that you can stay calm?

 “My midwife said she could tell I had been practicing Yoga and was surprised how calm I remained throughout birth, allowing me to have my baby with no pain relief” G.B


“When I was labouring , my midwifes said they were impressed in the way I was spontaneously using yoga like poses (lots of swaying lol!) and flexibility i.e. frog leg squat to naturally work baby down. 
They asked my partner if I did yoga, and he said I had this pregnancy” A.M


“I truly believe that the breathing exercises are what got me through labour and birth” Y.N

Yoga for Birth - One Day Workshops 

Running every 2 months in Torquay

This birth preparation workshop focuses on using yoga techniques to help you cope with labour and have a positive, enjoyable birth.

Knowledge is power; if you are familiar with the stages of labour and what is happening in the body then you are more likely to stay calm and adopt positions and behaviours that help labour progress.

Your body knows how to give birth!  But sometimes your brain gets in the way.  Pain can cause you to feel anxious or stressed which can cause the release of adrenalin, which in turn slows down the natural process of labour.  This workshop gives you skills which you can use to calm down, reduce anxiety, switch off thinking and focus on breathing.

  • You will learn how to assist the natural process of labour and birth using yoga.

  • You will learn practical tools including breathing, movement, relaxation and visualisations

  • We will discuss how to refrain from negative behaviours and set positive intentions for labour

  • For each stage (early labour, active labour, transition, birth and the third stage), we will talk about what is happening in the body and what you can do to facilitate this. 

Format of the workshop

This will be a combination of talking, listening and doing yoga. Yoga is made up of 8 parts... known as the 8 limbs of yoga.

This schematic, created by Alison Hinks, clearly shows the 8 limbs of yoga.  We will discuss how these apply to labour and birth, focusing on the first 6 – these are the things that we do in order to get our reward, which is a calm, enlightened, connected, positive experience of birth. 


A summary:

  1. avoiding negative behaviours (yamas) – we will identify behaviours that might trip you up

  2. reinforcing positive behaviours (niyamas) – we will identify positive affirmations to keep you on track

  3. doing movements and poses (asana) – we will learn a routine of asana that you can practice before birth and then use during early and active labour.  You will learn about the anatomy of birth and benefits of being active in birth. 

  4. specific breathing practices (pranayama) – we will learn how to do the yoga breath (called Ujjayi) and how to practice it with movement and with focused alternate nostril breathing.  We will learn which breaths to use during each phase of labour and birth, e.g. sound breaths and blowing.

  5. shutting out sensations (pratyahara) – we will discuss how to create a supportive, calm environment, and the logic behind why this is important.

  6. focused attention (Dharana) – we will practice how to focus your attention so that you can switch off your thinking brain and relax.


Next Workshop Dates

2021 and 2022 dates yet to be confirmed

Cost& Booking Information

£45 early bird

£50 full price

Payable in advance please.  

The course fee includes handouts, hot drinks and some snacks.  Please bring your own lunch.  

Or you can book in person by calling me on 07942 473390 or by emailing we can arrange a bank transfer.



Yoga Torquay is on Park Lane in Torquay

There is no parking on Park Lane.  There is pay parking on street or in car parks nearby, e.g. Meadfoot Road car park


Other details

  • Please let me know if you have any allergies or specific dietary requirements when you book.

  • Wear loose or comfortable clothing that you can easily move in as we will be doing yoga!

  • Mats are provided.  If you have a birthing ball/exercise ball that you can bring along please let me know when you book.

  • Please bring a pillow and a blanket for relaxation at the end. If you have a long pregnancy support pillow bring this too.

  • A bottle of water is a good idea.

Yoga for Birth Course


You can learn the same content in a 6 week course instead, with one 90 min class each week.

You get to do more yoga practice than in the workshop so you can build up your skills over the whole course.

I have an open waiting list for the next 6 week course and will run it on demand.  


This would be on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening in a different venue in Torquay. 

Please click here to register your interest.

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